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Programming in ANSI C, 8/e(English, Paperback, E. Balagurusamy)

The book ‘Programming in ANSI C’ has been developed specifically to meet the needs of a first-time learner who iskeen to be a programmer. Distinguished as one of the bestsellers in the market, the book is taking forward another stepin pursuit of perfection with this new edition. It follows a hierarchical approach by explaining the concepts fromelementary to advanced level. The exhaustive coverage of critical concepts, such as Arrays, Strings, Functions,Pointers, Self-referential Structures, Dynamic Memory Allocation, etc. makes this title a complete reference guide forthe beginners as well as life-long learners. Rich pedagogy, challenging programming problems, and concretelycurated appendices enhance the utility of the book and make it a lasting resource for students and instructors.
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