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Oswaal CBSE Question Bank Class 10 Mathematics Chapterwise & Topicwise (For March 2020 Exam)(English, Paperback, Oswaal Editorial Board)

On 29th March 2019, CBSE released an updated curriculum for Academic Year 2019-2020 in which it has suggested various changes which will have a bearing on the format of the Final Board Examination Paper for the year 2020. We at Oswaal Books are always proactive to follow the changes proposed by the Board and implement the same as soon as possible to put the students, parents and teachers at ease. The Oswaal Question Banks have been modified and rewritten as per the latest Board guidelines in order to supplement the need of the students and guide them during the entire academic year! As the CBSE remodelled assessment structure is divided in two major parts namely Internal Assessment and year end Board Examinations, Oswaal Question Banks have been designed to assist students to prepare for their multiple assessment as well as the Board examinations with equal ease. Oswaal Question Banks will not only help students with regular studies but will also equip the teachers with the most updated study material for the class. The Question Banks have been designed with a lot of care and attention to details. As suggested in the syllabus, these Question Banks are completely based on the latest NCERT Textbook. All chapters are arranged ‘TOPICWISE’ where each topic is explained in detail and covers all typologies of Questions specified by CBSE, with well labelled diagrams and high-quality figures/diagrams for fast learning. Answers from CBSE Marking scheme are highlighted in order to specify the correct method of answering questions for attaining maximum marks. We hope to make Oswaal Question Banks a student’s best companion to sail through the entire academic year smoothly. Some of the benefits of studying from Oswaal Question Banks are: 1. Chapterwise/ Topicwise presentation for systematic and methodical study 2. Previous Years’ Examination Questions with Marking Scheme & Toppers’ Answers for exam-oriented study 3. Remembering, Understanding, Application, Analysing& Evaluation and Creation Based Question based on Bloom’s Taxonomy for cognitive skills development 4. Multiple Choice Questions included as per the latest design of the Question Paper issued by CBSE 5. Mind Maps in each chapter for making learning simple. 6. ‘Most likely Questions’ generated by Oswaal Editorial Board with 100+ years of teaching experience. 7. Suggested videos at the end of each chapter for a Hybrid Learning Experience. 8. Important Question from RD Sharma & RS Agarwal solved 9. All in one book, extremely useful book for Olympiad & IIT Foundation preparation
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