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Know your IQ Maths Class-2(English, Paperback, MTG Editorial Board)

MTG’s Know Your IQ Math is an inventive series of Mathematics for class 1 to 8. The objective of this series is to build a strong Intelligence Quotient (IQ) level in the initial learning stage of a student. It is designed to check and improve the Mathematical Ability, Logical Reasoning skills, Visual/Perceptual skills and Pattern Recognition skills of the students in accordance with their age. Each book of this series contains a collection of Math IQ questions in chapterwise topic wise format. Solving these questions will encourage logical and creative thinking in the learner’s mind and promote his/her ability to observe, classify, recognize, compare and make deductions. These books caters to the need of students preparing for International/National/State level IQ tests, Psychometric tests, IMO and other Olympiads/ Talent Search exams.Salient Features of the Series:. Topic List showing the glimpse of the topics covered.. Olympiad Oriented Theory with session wise breakup of a chapter for bit by bit learning.. Learn Fast – an exercise sections includes various questions related to the chapter for practice which results in improving the knowledge level of the students.. Test Your IQ questions help you in establishing logical and analytical relationships and arrive at the correct solution on the basis of what you have learnt.. IQ Assessment Chart at the end of each chapter to know your IQ after attempting the test.. Know Your Aptitude section will help you in finding particular area of weakness to work upon.
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